It is not allowed to bring your own drinks at the table. If you have diner, one consumption is required.


Day Menu €10

Simple and tasty if you do not fancy eating out.

Various dishes such as Nasi, Goulash or Spaghetti.
Dessert: ice cream with whipped cream € 4,50

Reservations are not necessary. Ask for the possibilities.


3 course choice menu € 20

For two or more persons. Reserve a day in advance.

Melon and ham
Dish with snacks (also vegetarian possible) Soup of the day

Main course 
Goulash with beef and paprika served with rice or spaghetti
Teriyaki with steak and lots of fresh vegetables served with rice
Thai beef with bean sprouts, corn-cashew nuts and basmati rice
Cous Cous with feta-orange-plum-chickpeas and vegetables. (vegetarian)

Ice cream with whipped cream
Tasting for coffee or tea.

Cup of coffee or tea to finish.


Tapas surprise menu € 20 P.P. 

For two or more persons. Reserve a day in advance.
Consists of 5 different dishes. Choice of meat-fish-vegetarian or meat and fish.


Can of soda € 2
Coca Cola-Cola no sugar- Sprite-Soda-Cassis-Sinas-Bitter Lemon-Ginger Ale-Tonic.

Juices € 2
Orange-Apple-Pineapple-Mango-Tropical Fruit mix-Pomegranate.

Bottle of beer € 2.50
Polar- Amstel bright - Amstel

Wine € 3.50 per glass € 12.50 per bottle
White: Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio
Red: Merlot
Rosé: Zinfandel

Spirits €4
Whiskey-Rum-Vodka- Baileys-Liquor 43-Limoncello-Amaretto-Tia Maria-Sambuca-Ponche Crema.

Coffee € 2 (Two coffee or tea are included with breakfast)
Coffee- Cappuccino - Green tea - English tea- Fresh mint tea